Maisie Williams gives an Update on 'The Last of Us' Film

One of the big stories that kind of got lost in the hubbub of San Diego Comic-Con was Maisie Williams admitting she had been approached to star in an adaptation of the hit video game, The Last of Us. She'd be playing the lead character of Ellie, who tries to survive the devastated world overrun by zombie-esque creatures. Very little has been heard of the project since then, however, but Williams recently spoke with Flicks and the City about it and she seems eager for things to begin.

Williams: "I had a lunch a little while ago and we spoke about the possibility of me playing Ellie and that's really exciting and I would absolutely love too. It kind of all came about on Twitter a long time ago. The power of Twitter still never ceases to amaze me. I went to a lunch and we spoke a little bit about it, and then they announced at Comic-Con that we had spoken about it, and since then in like every interview people have been asking me about it. Honestly I would love to and I think they would love me to play Ellie also, and that's where it is at the moment. There's no script, no director, it's still very early days for the whole project, but if it all goes ahead soon enough I think, yeah, I would love to."

She went on to talk about Game of Thrones, the chances of starring in a potential superhero TV series, and more.  As for The Last of Us, it's being written by Naughty Dog's Neil Druckman, who wrote the script for the video game, with Sam Raimi producing.