Kate Winslet to Play WWII Photographer Lee Miller In Untitled Biopic

Currently riding a wave of stellar reviews for her supporting role in Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic, Kate Winslet is lining up a project that could gain her similar attention in the future. According to Variety, Winslet is set to play renowned war photographer and former fashion model Elizabeth "Lee" Miller in an upcoming biopic.

No writer or director is attached to the film yet, but having Winslet on board is a pretty good place to start. Miller was a successful fashion model in New York before traveling to Paris in 1929 where she trained as an artist and photographer under the likes of Man Ray and Pablo Picasso, ultimately collaborating with them both. When WWII broke she took up her camera and documented some of the war's worst atrocities, including the first use of napalm and the horrors of Nazi concentration camps. Miller would go on to marry surrealist painter Roland Penrose, and much of the film will be based on their son Arthur's biography, The Lives of Lee Miller.

With no writer attached this project could be a long ways off. Winslet will be seen next in Steve Jobs which opens this week. She also has romance film The Dressmaker and cop thriller Triple Nine on the way.