Sure Shots: Ridley Scott; Alexander Skarsgard; Chris Columbus

* Oh joy. More Biblical epics. I thought this was Hollywood? Godless heathen Hollywood? So why are there so many movies based on religious fairy tales in the works? The latest comes from Ridley Scott, who tells Esquire that he's working on a film based on Moses, the guy with the parting of the seas and the Ten Commandments and stuff. The film will be appropriately titled Moses, and is likely the same one being developed by 20th Century Fox, who probably want to keep working with Scott now that Prometheus is only a few days from release. Don't expect to see this happen any time soon, as Scott has about half a dozen flicks on the burner.

* Alexander Skarsgard and Benjamin Walker are the top two contenders to co-star in The Great Wall, the silly sounding action flick from Ed Zwick(The Last Samurai). Whoever snags the role will join your future Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, in the story about two British soldiers in the 15th century who uncover a mystery surrounding the The Great Wall of China's construction. Skarsgard has had it rough lately with two straight bombs in Straw Dogs and Battleship. Walker is mainly untested as a leading man, but will get a chance to be all presidential in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. [Deadline]

* Chris Columbus(Rent) has picked up the rights to John Grisham's baseball novel, Calico Joe, with plans to write and direct. The book follows a young Major League Baseball prospect who has his promising career ruined by a near fatal beanball. Based in part on the true story of Ray Chapman(the only player ever to die due to a MLB injury), it follows the lasting effects the beanball had on everyone involved in the incident, including the pitcher who threw it. Columbus will also produce the film through his 1492 Productions. [Deadline]